Pro investors ‘surprisingly bullish’ on Chinese equities

Chinese_dragonHalf of investment professionals in a poll expect Chinese equities to generate a return of more than 5% in the next 12 months and a fifth expect the return to exceed 20%. The results, from a survey of about 200 professionals, were described as surprising by JP Morgan Asset Management, which arranged the poll. “With trade war uncertainty hanging over the market and a government deleveraging campaign weighing on domestic growth, we were a little surprised to find Chinese investment professionals are actually fairly bullish on their home market equities over the next year,” said Tai Hui, chief market strategist, Asia Pacific, JP Morgan Asset Management. “These results suggest onshore investors may be taking a more favourable view on domestic equities, with sentiment improving.” The respondents were less sanguine about global equities. A total of 46% expected a return of more than 5% in the next 12 months and 8% expected a return of more than 20%. About 200 respondents, who included representatives from financial advisers and consultants, were surveyed in person about their sentiment towards Chinese and global equities in August in Shanghai and Beijing. ©2018 funds global asia

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